Shreeji Technology is dedicating to provide a product quality, value and services which meets a customer need. Shreeji Technology is a well established manufacture and supplier of best quality products like twin lobe roots blower, roots blower, lobe roots air blower and twin lobe blower. These are positive displacement twin lobe roots blower suitable for a wide range of operating speeds to meet the exact capacity requirement of the application.
Twin lobe roots blower can be offered for pressure duty up to 1000 mbars and for vacuum duty up to 600mbars. Twin lobe roots blower are perfect for delivering reliably constant pressure and the flow can be altered based on the operating speed. Air is expelled four times with each revolutions of the drive shaft or twice with each impeller, the fundamental frequency of the pressure pulse is four times the shaft speed.
For two lobes of rotors, Work done per revolutions of rotors as W = 4(P2- P1)V.

For the Geometry chosen, Twin lobe roots blower can be described by four variables these are: -

  1. Pressure angle.
  2. Distance between the centres
  3. Rotor length.
  4. Outlet and suction opening dimensions.

Characteristics: -

It entirely displacement of air flow suction ends to the discharge end against the discharge resistance with constant flow. It has some characteristics as below: -

  1. The flow rate depends on the operating speed.
  2. The input power depends on the load across the machine.
  3. The inlet and outlet pressure are determined by the condition of system.
  4. Increased in temperature of air substantially depending upon the differential pressure of machine.

Special feature: -

  1. 100% oil free air
  2. Air cooled / water cooled design
  3. Continuous air flow
  4. Special sealing arrangement
  5. Air flow can be vertical or horizontal with adjustable feet
  6. Rugged construction
  7. Direct coupled or "V" belt driven
  8. Higher volumetric efficiency


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Shreeji Technology is dedicating to provide a product quality, value and services which meets a customer need. Optimum use of computer aided design software , 3D Modeling analysis softwares to achieve quality assurance procedures.